Is bullying a problem in radiology? | How burnout puts patients at risk | Tributes to Isherwood and Margulis

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Little or nothing has been published to date about bullying and harassment in radiology, but that doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist in Europe. Clearly it does, and a new U.K. survey has shown how widespread bullying is in imaging departments.

To its credit, the Royal College of Radiologists has tackled the issue head-on. The first step was to identify the scale and extent of the problem, and that process is complete. The lead researcher, Dr. Paul McCoubrie, was shocked by the results. Find out more in the MRI Community, or click here.

The results of a major investigation into the precise impact of burnout were unveiled earlier this month. The authors looked at whether burnout is linked to lower quality of care, and their analysis included nearly 50 studies on over 42,000 physicians. Find out more here.

An important figure in the development of European radiology, Prof. Ian Isherwood, died last week. I was privileged to have known him since the early 1990s, and he was always the perfect gentleman -- very kind, supportive, polite, and modest. Read our tribute to him in the CT Community, or click here.

Another giant of global radiology, Prof. Alex Margulis, also died last week. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1921, he was a frequent attendee and speaker at ECR and other major congresses. Our sister site,, has posted an article about him. Click here to view it.

Meanwhile, an Italian group has highlighted the variability in the extent to which adding digital breast tomosynthesis affects radiologists' interpretation of screening mammograms. Visit the Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

When it comes to 3D printing, the Swiss are among the world leaders. A team from Basel has shared some of its clinical experiences. Learn more in our Advanced Visualization Community, or click here.

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