Be alert for drug mules | How to cut waiting times for MRI reports | Swedes address patient anxiety over PET/CT

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Packets filled with illicit drugs are sometimes detected incidentally, so its essential to get to know where drug mules or body packers tend to hide them and how the packets appear on CT and x-ray.

That's the timely and practical advice of radiologists in Luton, U.K., who've shared their experiences and clinical images, including the case of a patient who died as a result of drug trafficking. Go to the CT Community, or click here.

Waiting for the results of an MRI scan can be a very anxious time, and anything that can be done to shorten the wait is a real bonus for patients and also radiology and hospital managers. U.K. researchers have taken a long, hard look at their waiting times for reports following MRI in suspected cases of occult femoral neck fracture. Their audit conducted over three years has identified some marked improvements. Visit our MRI Community, or click here.

Meanwhile, a group from Uppsala in Sweden has used a web-based tutorial to better prepare patients prior to an F-18 FDG-PET/CT examination. The results are pretty positive, and you can check them out in the Molecular Imaging Community, or by clicking here.

The French introduced a national screening program for breast cancer back in 2004, and investigators have described the process that led to this development. They also analyzed the rollout's impact on mammography uptake. Learn more here.

An article in Lancet Neurology has identified five factors -- including contrast leakage on CT scans -- that may indicate a higher risk of continued bleeding in the brain of stroke patients. Checking for these factors may help improve survival, according to new research. To get the details, click here.

Finally, don't miss our story about a bizarre case report involving a patient who had a hard contact lens embedded in her eye for 28 years. For the background and to view some amazing images, click here.

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