Canon installs U.K.'s 1st Vantage Galan 3T MRI

Canon Medical Systems Europe installed the U.K.'s first Vantage Galan 3-tesla MRI scanner at the Imaging Centre (TIC) at the Hive London, home of the Barnet Football Club and the London Bees.

Vantage Galan 3T generates 63 dB of acoustic noise when scanning with its Pianissimo Zen sequences, lower than the average MRI system noise level of 150 dB. Galan 3T also has a wide and short scanner bore. An Aquilion One Genesis Edition CT scanner, Aplio i-series ultrasound scanner, and Radrex Digital X-ray also are installed at TIC.

The 5 million pound (5.74 million euro) sports imaging facility opened its doors in North London on 23 April.

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