MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­ looks ahead at Insights into Imaging

Dr. Luis MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­, PhD, has provided a look at the direction he will take at Insights into Imaging in his first editorial in the April edition of the journal.

As the new editor in chief, MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­ stated the journal will largely focus on publishing in-depth critical reviews and illustrated pictorial articles, helping radiologists to envision the best way to meet patients' needs while improving healthcare performance (Insights into Imaging, April 2018, Vol. 9:2, pp. 119-120). The journal is also looking for submissions from leading European radiological societies and groups willing to improve the organization of radiological departments and strengthen relationships with other hospital departments, he added.

The journal also welcomes papers dealing with standardization proposals, state-of-the-art topics, research critiques, and papers that address the future of medical imaging.

"Insights into Imaging is meant to inspire healthcare professionals to develop expert opinions and take on new challenges," he wrote.

To that end, authors should focus on reviews and state-of-the-art papers in their field of expertise. Review papers should cover educational aspects of imaging with a pearls-and-pitfalls approach for pictorial reviews or give an overview of emerging techniques and cutting-edge concepts with an up-to-date and innovative approach for critical reviews.

"Both pictorial and critical reviews have significant potential to serve the radiological community, providing access to the best evidence-based research and displaying the impact of new imaging approaches," MartĂ­-BonmatĂ­ wrote.

He also plans to introduce in-depth commentaries of articles recently published in various radiological journals, not only in Insights into Imaging.

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