Wilson stands up for teleradiology | New data on lung cancer screening | Critics of breast screening target France

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Outsourcing of imaging reads via teleradiology divides opinion like few other topics. Opponents often regard it as the silent killer of any public health system, whereas supporters are convinced it has a vital role in boosting efficiency and care.

Having held senior posts in both the public and private sectors, Dr. David Wilson is in a fine position to weigh up the pros and cons of teleradiology. He's convinced it can be a force for good, particularly when it comes to quality control. Find out more in our Imaging Informatics Community, or by clicking here.

CT lung cancer screening remains another controversial area, partly due to the shortage of compelling evidence, but new analysis from the Dutch-Belgian lung screening trial may help bring greater clarity. The researchers sought to determine which suspicious nodules deserve further workup. Get their findings in the CT Community, or click here.

The fierce debate over breast screening also continues. The latest row concerns the publication of a recent article about changes to the French program. To learn more, visit the Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

The risks associated with MRI examinations of patients with metallic implants appear to be becoming more manageable. A presentation at the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology congress suggests that scanning a patient with a heart-valve prosthesis or an annuloplasty ring is less hazardous, and a second study shows the same comment applies to pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Click here for the details.

Meanwhile, Irish researchers have sifted through more than 1,000 online pages providing information on CT radiation dose. They found that over 40% of these pages were not entirely accurate, and an even higher percentage of online posts contained misleading or inaccurate information. To read more, click here.

Finally, Dr. Annie Paterson, a member of our editorial advisory board, and her colleagues in Belfast, U.K., have prepared a new case report for us. To test yourself, click here.

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