Irish eyes are not smiling | Fresh doubts over chest x-ray skills | Time to stop double reading mammograms?

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Radiologists are taking their ocular health for granted, judged on the results of a 2016 Irish survey. More than 90% of participants spend at least six hours a day on a PACS monitor, but less than half of them have had an eye test in the past year. What's more, only 4% always wear lead glasses when using fluoroscopy.

To protect your future, take greater responsibility for your own eyes, urge the research team from Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Employers have a key role too. Find out more in our Imaging Informatics Community, or by clicking here.

A common view, particularly among senior radiologists, is that younger colleagues tend not to be ultraproficient in chest x-ray interpretations due to the emphasis in training on MRI, CT, and molecular imaging. The same also appears to hold true for many nonradiologists in acute care, and extra training for this group may be in order. Get the full story here.

European screening guidelines recommend double reading for mammogram interpretation, but the recommendations are based on film-screen studies. Does double reading make sense in the context of digital mammography? A Spanish group has answered this question. Go to the Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Following the release of new U.K. guidelines on imaging of child abuse, which was our top story last week, we have posted an interview with Dr. Hans-Joachim Mentzel, chair of the German Pediatric Radiology Association. He has some practical and timely suggestions. Get them in our CT Community, or click here.

The International Day of Radiology is only five weeks away, and the European Society of Radiology has published a series of interviews with experts in emergency radiology. Click here for the details.

Our editorial advisory board members have been keeping busy too. Thomas Beyer, PhD, has launched a survey about training needs in hybrid imaging. Click here to learn more. And Dr. Anagha Parkar has prepared a case report about a man in his early 50s with a chronic cough. Test yourself here.

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