EHJ publishes deep vein thrombosis guideline

The first European guidance on deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was published online earlier this year in the European Heart Journal (EHJ), according to a statement from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

The 17 February document was produced by the ESC working group on aorta and peripheral vascular diseases and its working group on pulmonary circulation and right ventricular function. It addresses all aspects of DVT management from diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, as well as special situations such as cancer, pregnancy, and unusual DVT sites. It also highlights the importance of clinical assessment and imaging with venous ultrasound.

"Ultrasound is recommended as the first-line diagnostic tool when lower or upper limb DVT is suspected," lead author Dr. Lucia Mazzolai of Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland said in a statement. "We also propose venous ultrasound in patients with confirmed pulmonary embolism as initial reference in case of DVT recurrence or further patient stratification in selected individuals."

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