News from Roeko 2017 in Leipzig | Diagnosis of COPD | 3D-printed polymer stents

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Soaring temperatures of 30° C were the order of the day when the German Radiology Congress drew to a close at the weekend, and we've posted articles about the following red-hot presentations from the meeting:

  • Safety of MRI contrast agents. For details about a new study from Düsseldorf, go to our MRI Community, or click here.
  • Use of advanced software for evaluating CT scans of stroke patients to assess stroke severity and help identify patients who will not benefit from thrombectomy. Visit the CT Community, or click here.
  • The clinical potential of phase-contrast imaging, as explained by Franz Pfeiffer, PhD, professor of biomedical physics at the Technical University of Munich. Get the details here.

Elsewhere, Dutch researchers have published important findings on the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They think their study has raised awareness at their hospital of the challenges of diagnosing COPD on a chest x-ray, and they urge all radiologists to be wary of mentioning suspicion of COPD in chest radiograph reports. Click here to learn more.

Three-dimensional printing continues to evolve rapidly, and is now being proposed to create cardiac stents for use in children. Another Dutch group has warned that many hurdles still need to be overcome, but they've created a new 3D-printed polymer stent that bypasses many of the limitations of conventional nitinol stents for use with tissue-engineered heart valves. Read more about the project in the Advanced Visualization Community, or click here.

Finally, don't miss our Case of the Week, a middle-aged alcoholic man who was found collapsed at home. Click here to test yourself.

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