Maverinck on fake news | Molecular experts tackle heart disease | Helen Carty remembered

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Fake news has become an important issue in the world of politics over the past couple of years, and now it seems to be rising fast in the realms of science and medicine, too.

Our regular columnist, Dr. Peter Rinck, PhD, fears that lies and misinformation are undermining the scientific process, even in top peer-reviewed journals. He urges radiologists and others to tread more carefully when reading published material. Read more in our MRI Community, or click here.

Molecular imaging continues to evolve. Today we've posted a news report on a recent webinar about the clinical use of SPECT and PET in combating cardiovascular disease in Europe. Go to the Molecular Imaging Community, or click here.

Dr. Helen Carty, who died last week at the age of 72, left a remarkable legacy. In addition to building up the radiology department at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, U.K., she was a great ambassador for the profession in Europe. Her lectures, articles, and books on child abuse inspired many people. For our tribute, click here, and please do share your personal memories below the story.

The European Lung Cancer Conference takes place this week in Geneva. An important study to be presented on Saturday suggests the annual follow-up interval for CT lung cancer screening is too frequent for women. For a sneak preview, visit our CT Community, or click here.

Finally, the Journal of Medical Internet Research is not exactly on everybody's list of essential reading, but it's published a timely update about intriguing new Dutch research on vascular cognitive impairment. The study aims to determine which prognostic factors may signal future cognitive decline and major vascular events, and it is nearing completion. Get the full details here.

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