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MRI can become the modality of choice for the initial evaluation of acute stroke. That's the bold prediction of award-winning researchers who have developed an abbreviated protocol that reduces scan times from 20 to six minutes.

Technological advances in MRI promise to transform the management of stroke patients and overcome the limitations of CT in this area. To get the full story, click here.

Abbreviated protocols are topical in breast MRI right now too, and they look set to make the technique more viable in routine practice. An Italian group has unveiled some new findings in this area. For the details, click here.

If Olympic medals were ever handed out for performance in sports imaging, then MRI would surely be in the top spot on the winners' podium. The modality ruled supreme at the London 2012 games, and that's also likely to be the case at the Rio Olympics, which begins on 5 August.

To warm up for Rio, don't miss our article about the use of imaging at the European Games last year in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Click here to find out more. Also, has linked up with the British Institute of Radiology to organize a special meeting about hot topics in sports imaging. It will take place in London at the end of May, and you can get the details here.

The annual meeting of the German Radiological Society starts in Leipzig on 4 May, and a highlight looks to be the session on gadolinium in the brain. Click here to learn more.

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