Life in Paris 4 months on; ECR attendance rises 2.5%; Beets-Tan's lecture tips

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Radiologists and radiographers rallied around to great effect immediately after the Paris bombings in November, and their actions made a huge difference to patient care. Furthermore, things have not stood still since the emergency. Experts have looked closely at how to strengthen the future ability to respond to any similar incidents, and a strategic plan has emerged.

We've gone back to interview senior radiologists who've been involved in the process. Find out more in our PACS Community, or by clicking here.

Attendance figures for ECR 2016 were released this week, and they make interesting reading. At a time when many conference managers are struggling to increase delegate numbers, ECR has defied the trend, which is to the credit of the organizers. Get the full story here.

When it comes to public speaking, few people are naturals. Most of us have to work on developing this skill, so taking tips from gifted speakers is a very wise move. In an interview with our editorial board member Dr. Christiane Nyhsen, Dr. Regina Beets-Tan has some practical advice. To learn more, click here.

Full-spine radiography is still the gold standard for identifying and monitoring scoliosis. Multiple radiographs during treatment and follow-up are common for these patients, so new research from Belgium about finding the optimal protocol is bound to generate considerable attention. Researchers from Brussels shared their experiences at ECR 2016. For their findings, click here.

What's new in ultrasound? What are the major market trends for the modality in Europe? Stephen Holloway, a leading analyst for the imaging sector, has some answers. Click here to get them.

Finally, don't miss this week's case report about a 43-year-old woman with lower back pain radiating to her legs and also numbness of her legs. To test yourself, click here.

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