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Someday, patients will benefit from ear implants that can hear and nose implants that can smell. Exactly when those things might occur is a harder question to answer, of course, but researchers worldwide are already focused on making complex functional organ replacement a reality -- with some early successes under their belts.

What the many projects have in common are the new tools of the trade: computer-assisted design based on CT and MRI, 3D printing with biocompatible materials, and tissue engineering. There are also big hurdles to surmount, according to a new report from London. Explore this brave new world in an article you'll find here.

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) has been around for more than a decade, detecting breast cancers in women with dense breasts whose malignancies may be occult on mammography. But researchers know that even DCE-MRI can miss important lesions that could spell trouble down the road. A team from Spain and the Netherlands has a new solution in the form of a computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme designed for DCE-MRI. Even when radiologists gave the all clear, CAD did its job.

In patients with lung cancer, assessing treatment response is a key question that directs patient management and potentially outcomes. And although volumetric CT is thought to be a better measure of treatment response than conventional response evaluation criteria in solid tumor measurements, the two techniques had not been compared head to head. Until now.

Not to be outdone, quantitative ultrasound is being used to stage fatty liver or steatosis in the Netherlands, where researchers put it up against the formidable gold standard for fat analysis, MR spectroscopy. How did ultrasound fare? Find out here.

Finally, learn about a German firm that has teamed up with Dutch researchers to explore deep-learning techniques aimed at boosting the accuracy of computer-aided detection.

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