Therapixel launches new visualization system

Therapixel has launched its new medical visualization platform Therapixel Suite.

Therapixel Suite is a class IIa medical device that integrates with hospital infrastructure and complies with the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), HL7, and DICOM standards. With software components that work together, it aims to make the surgical workflow easier for physicians and safer for patients, the firm said.

The product incorporates Fluid, a touchless medical image navigation system designed for surgeons, to improve the efficiency of accessing critical patient imaging in the operating room, without compromising sterility. It is 10 times faster than voice-controlling a surgical assistant, according to the company.

Also, the Anywhere feature allows image-based diagnosis and surgical preoperative planning from tablets, PCs, and phones. It can scan up to 2,000 images/sec. The components are distributed via a central server, which allows it to share the cases on the different platforms: image bookmarks, annotations, and surgical planning are saved preoperatively with Anywhere to be exploited in Fluid during the procedure.

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