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The implementation of speech recognition systems has had a positive impact on radiology workflow and productivity over the past few years, but the technology isn't perfect and it can introduce a fairly large proportion of errors.

What types of errors occur most frequently and in which modality reports? These important questions were addressed in a U.K. audit, and the findings were presented at two European congresses last month. To find out more, click here.

Use of social media among the imaging community appears to be growing, but reliable data are in short supply. Dr. Erik Ranschaert, a member of our editorial advisory board, was determined to fill this knowledge gap, so he conducted a survey of 516 radiologists and trainees. On 1 July, he revealed the results of the research for the first time. For the full details, click here.

Digitization is having a major effect on midlevel professionals, and some radiographers' jobs will disappear due to automation in image acquisition and the availability of low-level nursing staff for handling patient positioning according to preset profiles. That was the central message of a senior healthcare IT expert at a recent symposium in Mainz, Germany. Learn more here.

If you're using free DICOM toolkit software to deidentify patients' personal health information on images for clinical research purposes, you need to tread carefully, recommended a team of Dutch researchers. They have found very few of the toolkits they tested performed well using default settings. Get the story here.

This is only a small sampling of articles that have appeared in the Healthcare Informatics Community over the past few weeks. See below for the full listing, and please do check back regularly for further reports.

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