DVD helps patients complete MRI scans

British researchers have developed an instructional DVD that helped patients prepare for and better relax during their MRI scans, according to a study published online 2 February in the British Journal of Health Psychology.

The research, led by Dr. Rachael Powell from the University of Manchester, found that more MRI scans were completed when patients viewed the DVD than when they prepared with written material.

In the study, 83 outpatients scheduled for an MRI exam were divided into two groups. Both groups received written information on safety, the appointment, what to expect, and technical features of the scanner. One of the two groups also received the DVD.

Of the 41 patients who received the DVD, 35 individuals had satisfactory scan outcomes. By comparison, there were only 23 satisfactory scans among the other 42 patients.

Powell said the DVD was an easy format to use, with almost all participants viewing the DVD at least once and more than half viewing it a second time.

The outpatients said the DVD helped them feel less anxious and more confident about undergoing the scan, according to the researchers.

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