Flemish government funds 3-year Agfa scheme

Agfa HealthCare announced the Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) will provide funding for an advanced visualization research study.

The joint Agfa HealthCare/Inside Matters research project, VisiCloud: Advanced visualization and image processing in the cloud, is due to last three years. The insights gained from the project will be translated into concrete results in terms of advanced image processing algorithms, cloud-based solutions, and user experience enhancements, according to the companies.

To support the evolution of 3D techniques and tools, Agfa has developed a portfolio of clinical applications or advanced visualization software for analyzing the information provided by the modalities using 3D.

Inside Matters will develop a new cloud-based CT analysis platform for data generated by industrial CT scanners, also known as 3D x-ray microscopes. The devices are mainly used as an inspection tool in both material research and product development. The platform will be used internally for Inside Matters' service activities, but will also be sold as a product to the research and industrial market, Agfa said.

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