MRI research set to music

British singer Sivu has created a behind-the-scenes piece explaining the creation of his music video using MRI.

In 2013, Sivu released a single titled "Better Man Than He," and to create a unique video for it, he sang during real-time MRI performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London.

Tying in with the release of a new album on 13 October, Sivu created a behind-the-scenes video introducing those involved at the hospital and explaining how the video was made. He worked with Dr. Marc Miquel and Dr. Andrew Scott, who had been researching MRI techniques to study cleft palate and speech.

The behind-the-scenes piece includes an introduction about the music video and why Sivu chose to perform the song in an MRI system.

"Due to the fact that the budget was actually so small, we looked at different ways of capturing the performance without using a camera or shooting a video," Sivu explained. He and his director searched YouTube for various ideas about potential images and eventually settled on an MRI scan, he added.

Miquel and Scott also discuss their work and the use of a head coil and standard MRI techniques to obtain the images.

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