Germans intend to keep busy at RSNA 2013

Scientists affiliated with the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) will be making a number of presentations at the upcoming RSNA 2013 meeting in Chicago.

Researchers will present studies reporting on how technology built on the Xbox Kinect motion-sensing video game system can be used by surgeons to pull up and manipulate images while in the operating room, and how a new MRI technique that makes use of xenon gas can capture images in less than two minutes and detect cellular changes too small to be visible using standard MRI, according to the BMBF.

A group will also share how an off-the-shelf video game controller can allow radiologists to easily and quickly navigate through 3D images of a tumor or beating heart from any angle or direction, the BMBF said. The software generates special 3D or 4D versions of CT or MR images, which the radiologist can then manipulate and explore by twisting and turning the game controller.

German researchers will also report on how a multimodal functional imaging system can quickly and precisely image the entire brain and its blood flow to determine whether a stroke is being caused by an aneurysm or blockage. Another team will share how the mint Lesion software can provide tumor tracking, the BMBF said.

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