Siemens unveils new wireless ultrasound system

Siemens Healthcare demonstrated its latest wireless ultrasound system at the London Society of Regional Anesthesia (LSORA) Evidence Based Peri-Operative Medicine (EBPOM) 3rd London Workshops for Regional Anesthesia.

Acuson Freestyle's wireless transducers and ergonomic interface have a range of up to 3 m. Three different types of wireless transducers can be used with the device, covering a range of nerve imaging but also general imaging, vascular, and high-frequency applications such as for musculoskeletal procedures.

The system has a 38-cm, high-resolution LED display, and it can be mounted on a lightweight cart and also operates on battery power.

Delegates were able to explore the system and take part in workshop sessions on various topics, such as needling, supraclavicular and interscalene, infraclavicular, femoral, and obturator blocks. Question and answer sessions also were hosted at the workshops, which included themes such as paravertebral, central neuraxial, abdominal blocks, and limbs.

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