DRK 2013 highlights cancer care, emergency imaging

The German radiology conference, DRK 2013, opens today at the Congress Center Hamburg.

Under the auspices of the German Radiological Society, the country's largest general imaging meeting will focus on cancer medicine, emergency radiology, and cost-effectiveness. The more than 7,000 expected visitors can choose from about 500 lectures and poster presentations, as well as about 300 refresher courses, organizers said.

"The role of radiology in cancer diagnosis and treatment is of paramount importance and is essential for monitoring therapy," said Congress President Dr. Mathias Langer from the University of Freiburg in a statement. Imaging's future role in cancer care is particularly promising, with even more advanced diagnostic capabilities revealing themselves in new treatments, he said.

In emergency radiology, trauma care has been revolutionized by CT's ability to provide a complete picture of the patient's injuries, with radiologists and surgeons working together in treatment planning, Langer said. Specialists from the European Society of Emergency Radiology and the European Trade Association for Emergency Radiology will share the latest developments in the field with conferences attendees.

Finally, for the first time the congress will feature discussions about cost-effectiveness in radiology and the economics of high-performance radiology.

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