Bon appétit! Food signs in radiology

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It is widely known that some pathologic conditions have classic radiologic manifestations that resemble various types of food. Now a creative group of culinary-minded radiologists from southwest England has taken this concept to a new level by creating a full menu based on these food signs.

Delegates at the recent U.K. Radiological Conference (UKRC) were treated to a true gastronomic feast by Dr. Sakthivel Gnanasambandam and his colleagues from the Peninsula Radiology Academy, Plymouth Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Trust, U.K. Their scientific poster provided not only great entertainment but also had a serious training and education message.

"It is important that radiologists recognize these classic signs, which will allow confident diagnosis on the basis of imaging findings alone or narrowing of the differential diagnosis," noted Dr. Clare Roche, a consultant radiologist from Galway University College Hospital, Republic of Ireland, in a previous article about the same topic (Radiographics, November 2002, Vol. 22:6, pp. 1369-1384). "These food signs are highly memorable and easily recognizable and include findings that resemble various fruits and vegetables; meat, fish, and egg dishes; pasta, rice, grains, and bread (carbohydrates); desserts, cakes, and candy; and dishes, cutlery, condiments, and so on."

Gnanasambandam has kindly given us permission to reproduce the UKRC poster so that it can be viewed by a wide audience. To access the PDF file, click here. We trust you will savor and enjoy it!

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