Banner Specification -- Lead Collection

Lead Collection
The purpose of a lead collection page is to collect information about potential customers in exchange for a valuable offering, i.e., a white paper or a PDF. The lead collection page can be customized with any style, layout and images.

Deliverable requirements
Maximum file size for all graphics is 140kb to allocate as you see fit. Although banner tracking is not offered, you are welcome to display your banners on this page, or to duplicate graphics that appear on your originating source. Graphics may be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

For the form or data collection page, the following are supported:
  1. The form can be used to collect any information. There is no limit to the number of questions on the form, however, we would encourage the "less is more" approach -- for both the number of questions and which ones are required -- to minimize the barrier for the user gaining access to your incentive content.
  2. The lead collection form supports the following field types.
    1. Text box: for name, email address, company, etc (200 character limit)
    2. Text area: for feedback, comments, etc. (500 character limit)
    3. Drop down list
    4. Check box list
    5. Check box
  3. After the responder fills in the form, the lead collection page can e-mail the reply to the responder immediately. This feature can be easily turned on or off at any time. Note that it's a good idea to not have this turned on when a large response is expected or for the first few days after a major marketing promotion.
  4. The lead collection data can also be exported and sent to the sponsor periodically. This would be as a CSV/Excel file, this is done manually.
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