Banner Specification -- Mobile Inline

Our website is viewable on mobile devices such as iPhone or BlackBerry. As the exclusive sponsor of your community, you may opt to supply the mobile inline content.

Suggestions for a successful mobile inline banner
Mobile users have limited capabilities and storage space; as a result, the Mobile Inline banner is limited to one optional 70x70 static image. While we encourage you to submit a color ad, please ensure that your ad displays appropriately in grayscale so you can reach the full mobile audience.

As its name suggests, the Mobile Inline (MIL) banner is displayed between article briefs. It should blend with -- not distract from -- the article briefs above and below it.

Banner deliverables
We will create your inline banner for you. Simply provide the following information:
  • Headline and summary - maximum 190 characters with graphic, maximum 220 characters without graphic
  • Click URL
  • Optional 70x70 graphic, 5kb or less, in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format
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