Philips installs x-ray system for hybrid operating rooms

Philips Healthcare parent Royal Philips Electronics has installed a ceiling-mounted x-ray system specifically designed for hybrid operating rooms at a site in Switzerland.

The FlexMove system, an option for the company's Allura Xper angiography system, is designed to work in tandem with hybrid ORs, or operating rooms with an advanced x-ray imaging system.

At the University Hospital Zรผrich, FlexMove allows healthcare personnel to move the imaging system laterally and longitudinally to perform a range of procedures without causing interference to staff. There is no need to pan the table because FlexMove offers full-body coverage at both of the table's sides, according to the company.

FlexMove may also be positioned in the lateral standby position. The system also works within the sterility parameters of hybrid ORs because the ceiling rails fit around a laminar air flow system, and the system does not touch the floor, Philips said.

Later this year, Philips plans to install the system in Belgium, Germany, North America, and the Republic of Ireland.

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