Study: Western European PET scans up 21%

An estimated 663,000 patient studies were performed using PET in Western Europe in 2008, reflecting a 21% increase from the 546,000 patient studies conducted in 2007, according to a new study conducted by healthcare consultants Medical Options of London.

The report also concluded that non-FDG studies accounted for only 3% of the total number of scans in Western Europe last year, adding that the routine clinical use of fluorinated compounds other than FDG is increasing.

Issues with the supply of technetium led some sites in 2008 to switch certain patients requiring bone scans to PET/CT using sodium fluoride. The use of alternative tracers is due exclusively to the availability of these compounds, the study noted.

Oncology studies comprised 94% of PET studies in Europe, with very few cardiology studies performed. Infection/inflammation applications showed the greatest increase.

The European PET studies were performed by 399 providers using PET or PET/CT scanners in fixed or mobile environments.

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