Canon delivers 3T MRI scanner to Manchester United

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Canon Medical Systems has installed its Vantage Galan 3-tesla MRI scanner at the Manchester United Football Club (FC) Old Trafford training grounds in the U.K.

Vantage Galan 3T MRI from Canon Medical Systems U.K.Vantage Galan 3T MRI from Canon Medical Systems U.K.

Vantage Galan 3T can facilitate the diagnosis of football players' injuries by helping clinicians identify tiny joint injuries, muscle edema changes, or small fiber tears, Dr. Steve McNally of Manchester United FC said in a statement.

The MRI scanner relies on Canon's Pianissimo Zen technology to reduce noise in and around the scanner. It is also equipped with Canon's PureRF Rx and Tx software, which is designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio for MR images, and offers a maximum gradient amplitude of 45 mT/m and a slew rate of 200 T/m/sec.

In addition, Vantage Galan 3T is compatible with Canon's ForeSee View tool for previewing image slices in real-time -- ideal for imaging orthopedic joints and ligaments, Canon said. The installation also includes the company's EasyTech Cardiac application for automatically identifying individual heart valves, which will enable club physicians to profile the cardiac health of players.

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