How the Olympics transformed Sid's life

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LONDON - When Dr. Sarath Bethapudi first turned up at the polyclinic for the London Olympics, he had to roll up his sleeves and assemble furniture in a cramped, hot reporting room without air conditioning. He soon realized working at the world's greatest sporting event was not all about glitz and glamour.

But the Leeds-based Olympic radiology fellow, who's known as "Sid" to his colleagues, played a key role in the 2012 Games. He collected the data and crunched the numbers, and his thoroughness proved essential for the articles published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

At Friday's workshop in London, On the road to Rio: Hot topics in sports imaging, organized by the British Institute of Radiology in collaboration with, he reflected on his experiences at London 2012. Now working as a lead consultant musculoskeletal radiologist for County Durham Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, he spoke in a video interview with Philip Ward, editor in chief of

How the Olympics transformed Sid's life.

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