Toshiba reveals ultrasound plans and links up with footballers

Toshiba Medical Systems plans to introduce its Xario 100 and Xario 200 ultrasound systems at this week's Medica 2013 conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, and has partnered with a U.K. football club.

The Xario systems will be positioned just below Toshiba's Aplio line in the company's ultrasound portfolio. Xario 100 can handle a wide range of basic ultrasound applications, such as cardiovascular and 3D/4D imaging, while Xario 200 can be outfitted with advanced applications such as Toshiba's Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) package and Elastography package, according to the vendor.

The Xario platform was built using the company's High Density Imaging architecture, which enabled migration of almost all imaging enhancement technologies developed for the Aplio ultrasound family, Toshiba said. These features included Precision Imaging, ApliPure+, Advanced Dynamic Flow, and Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging, according to the firm.

Both Xario systems come with a range of a new type of wide-bandwidth transducers from standard models to specialty probes, Toshiba said. In addition, the company has included a customizable console.

Xario 200 includes a touch-command screen for programming system settings and accessing a wide range of applications and preprogrammed exam types. Toshiba said it has also incorporated its QuickScan technology on both systems to enable users to optimize imaging parameters with a single push of a button for all transducers and application protocols at any time during the exam.

Xario can also be equipped with dedicated features and options to tailor the system to various clinical specialties, Toshiba said.

In other company news, the company has also partnered with the Barnet Football Club in the U.K. to create an advanced medical center that will provide footballers, athletes, and the wider community with radiology equipment and access to faster treatment options from Barnet FC's facilities at the Hive.

The new medical center will house the U.K.'s first integrated Medical Imaging Academy for radiology professionals, run by Toshiba. It will be the first of its kind in the U.K., providing the medical community with a center for radiology education including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and general x-ray equipment and clinical applications.

The full set of radiology equipment will come complete with applications and protocols for a wide range of scanning specialties, including advanced neurology applications, echocardiography, and musculoskeletal protocols. The center's radiology professionals will receive full training on the equipment and applications.

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