Tips on imaging the female pelvis | Late pregnancy ultrasound wins support | Breast screening debate resurfaces

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Pelvic floor disorders are causing immense anxiety and pain to a growing number of women, but thankfully MRI is coming to the rescue. Correct use of the modality can help patients by the accurate anatomic and functional evaluation of the three pelvic compartments, prizewinning research from Portugal has found.

To achieve a targeted therapeutic approach in suspected cases of pelvic floor dysfunction, radiologists must make more effort to answer the clinicians' questions, the investigators recommend. Find out more in the MRI Community.

In other women's imaging news, researchers have found that late-pregnancy ultrasound scans at 36 weeks help women avoid undiagnosed breech presentation of their babies. This can lead to healthier deliveries, lower rates of emergency cesarean sections, and perhaps even lower healthcare costs.

Opponents of breast screening have voiced concerns about the trial that seeks to determine whether screening should be broadened in the U.K. In BMJ, authors have criticized the design of the AgeX trial, which aims to determine if breast screening should be extended to women ages 47 to 49 and those beyond age 70. They think the design of AgeX was so compromised that the data cannot be used to justify the extension of screening. Learn more in our report.

Meanwhile, French researchers have compared the diagnostic accuracy of digital mammography with that of digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis for identifying additional ipsilateral and contralateral breast cancer lesions in women newly diagnosed with the disease.

German investigators developed a method for CT-guided spine surgery that involved combining augmented reality with a mobile CT scanner. They acquired the CT scans of 10 patients who underwent surgery for intradural and extradural spinal lesions between June and August 2018. Go to the Advanced Visualization Community.

Finally, lung screening with CT remains a controversial topic, so don't miss important new data from Italy.

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