Prostate Cancer MRI Fellowship in Barcelona

Sep 2nd, 2024Sep 4th, 2024
Torre Mapfre Barcelona Carrer Marina 16-18 21st floor Barcelona

Radiologists and radiologists-to-be who would like to become more confident in reporting prostate MRI will find the fellowship useful. The radiology training covers all the main topics related to MRI of prostate cancer and provides basic and early advanced knowledge to report.

The Prostate MRI Fellowship includes an overview of the main indications for performing MRI of the prostate and whole-body MRI: Diagnosis (PI-RAD), staging (local and systemic), follow-up (post-treatment and active surveillance). Each module starts with a lecture and after the lecture, we continue with individual case readings of real anonymized cases carefully selected by the radiologist mentor. Finally, each module ends with a common reading session of the cases with interaction and discussion with the participants and the mentor.

Learning objectives:

  • Upgrade your knowledge by immersion in a learning environment without the distraction of daily practice to read prostate MRI and whole-body MRI
  • Become familiar and feel confident with basic and early advanced MRI of prostate cancer as encountered in daily practice
  • Discriminate common variants from pathology to avoid pitfalls Learn to construct an adequate report through structured reporting
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