Oxipit and Contextflow partner

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Artificial intelligence (AI) software developers Contextflow and Oxipit have partnered with the goal of mitigating the risk associated with missed findings in CT studies.

The collaboration will combine Oxipit's ChestEye Quality and Contextflow's SEARCH Lung CT to identify missed findings in CT scans in near-real time. ChestEye Quality analyzes medical images and corresponding radiologist reports and can operate in retrospective and prospective settings. Contextflow SEARCH Lung CT is a clinical decision support system that automatically detects, quantifies, and visualizes key disease patterns and lung nodules in CTs of the lungs over time and is relevant for the analysis of many suspected diseases, including interstitial lung disease and lung cancer.

The first preview was held at ECR 2022, and the first installation will be deployed at Leiden University Medical Center.

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