Video from ISMRM 2022: Boel Hansson on congress preparation

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LONDON - A successful session at a medical meeting requires careful planning and preparation, particularly in a pandemic, according to Boel Hansson, PhD, from Lund, Sweden. In a video interview at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), she explains how speakers worked together to put on a well-received session about MRI safety.

Hansson works as a research radiographer at the national 7-tesla MRI facility in Lund, Sweden. From 2000 to 2002, she worked for GE Medical as an application specialist. She was section leader of MRI in Lund from 2007 to 2012.

Between 2014 and 2020, she was a part-time PhD student at Lund University, while still working at the 7-tesla scanner. She defended her doctoral thesis, "Safety and Health Effects in High and Ultra-High Field MR," in September 2020.

Hansson has served on the International Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (ISMRT) policy board, abstract committee, global committee, and educational committee. She is currently a member of the ISMRM MR Safety Study Group.

Boel Hansson, PhD, from Lund, Sweden.

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