NRT shows new x-ray systems at ECR 2019

Danish x-ray equipment manufacturer NRT displayed two new digital radiography (DR) systems at ECR 2019 in Vienna.

Adora inSpire is a robotic x-ray system that uses motion planning route calculations to increase efficiency and flexibility. The DR system performs static radiography with serial imaging as well as low-dose fluoroscopy, enabling hospitals to achieve greater productivity and better use of capacity, according to the company.

The second system, Celex, is a multipurpose tilt-C fluoroscopy and cine imaging system. The product also has DR capabilities, including larger source-to-image distance (SID) and a table that can be moved out of the x-ray beam for studies such as chest, hip, and knee and feet examinations on standing patients. With Celex, the table can also be moved between procedures, clearing the space completely within the C-arm for studies of patients in wheelchairs and stretchers, as well as weight-bearing studies of knees.

Adora inSpire and Celex were displayed in the booth of Canon Europa at ECR 2019.

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