Philips unveils Incisive CT at ECR 2019

2019 02 01 21 48 7070 Philips Rsna 2018 400

Royal Philips, parent company of Philips Healthcare, is showing its new Incisive CT platform at ECR 2019 in Vienna.

Incisive CT offers a wide range of features, including the following:

  • A web-based dose monitoring software, DoseWise Portal, that provides data regarding radiation dose exposure
  • Software dedicated to improving image quality: iDose4 for preventing image artifacts, and metal artifact reduction for large orthopedic implants (O-MAR)
  • Philips' OnPlan patient-side gantry controls
  • A self-monitoring setup that can predict and resolve potential issues

The new CT scanner also comes with a Tube for Life guarantee, which represents Philips' offer to replace the x-ray tube of any Incisive CT scanner at no additional cost. Clinicians can continually keep the scanner updated with the latest available software and hardware through the Philips Technology Maximizer program. In addition, Incisive CT is compatible with Philips' advanced visualization and quantification software, IntelliSpace Portal.

Philips plans to introduce Incisive CT to European and Asian markets in early 2019.

Incisive CT scanner. Image courtesy of Philips.Incisive CT scanner. Image courtesy of Philips.
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