Eizo debuts new monitors at ECR

Display manufacturer Eizo is showcasing its new monitors and other products at ECR 2018 in Vienna.

The RX560 MammoDuo (RX560-MD) RadiForce color monitor set consists of two 21.3-inch, 5-megapixel monitors on a single stand, ideal for viewing breast images, according to the company. The RX560-MD has a hybrid gamma PXL functionality that automatically differentiates between grayscale and color pixels and generates a hybrid reproduction. Gray or color pixels are displayed with the respectively optimal luminance characteristic curve.

The RadiForce RX660 monitor includes "work-and-flow" features, including the "point-and-focus" functionality. Users can quickly select and focus on relevant image sections using their mouse or keyboard.

Eizo is also showing its MX-series, including the RadiForce MX315W, which allows the viewing of required DICOM grayscale characteristics with a touch of a button. The large display surface of the MX315W provides enough space for multiple images and 3D reconstructions.

Eizo will also demonstrate its CuratOR Alipe video management-over-IP products for flexible, lossless video data transfer via IP networks. The SP2-24T-49 surgical panel is an image reproduction system for operating theaters that combines the HIS and PACS station in a single device. The Caliop video management and control software serves as the system's central user interface.

In addition, Eizo is displaying its RadiCS and RadiNET Pro quality-control products for monitor maintenance and validation, which include calibration, acceptance, consistency testing, and archiving functionalities, and the company is presenting its projector- and display-independent video distribution on a projector, which can be used an operating or a x-ray viewing room.

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