Planning for ECR 2015 gets underway

Next year's ECR 2015 is still 12 months away, but Dr. Bernd Hamm of Berlin is already planning how he will lead the event as its president.

In an interview with ECR Today, Hamm said one of the major changes for next year will be restructuring the session categories. For example, the European Excellence in Education will have five categories: Rising Stars, European Diploma Prep Sessions, the Beauty of Basic Knowledge, ECR Academies, and ECR Masterclasses. The Rising Stars program is directed to medical students with an interest in radiology, as well as radiographers and training.

Thanks to programs such as Rising Stars and the Invest in the Youth Initiative, Hamm estimated the average age of delegates is 41.5 years, making ECR "young and dynamic." He also expects the organization to dedicate the last day of the congress to the Rising Stars, which means medical students can attend the ECR free of charge.

Hamm also expects Germany, Korea, and Turkey to play integral roles in the European Society of Radiology program. Germany is expected to host a session titled "Tradition goes digital: Getting ready for the future." The Korean delegation will focus on CT in lung cancer screening and evaluation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition, the Turkish delegation will give presentations on percutaneous treatment of liver hydatid cysts, functional MRI of the brain, and advanced hepatopancreaticobiliary imaging.

Another priority, Hamm said, is protecting the intellectual properties of speakers. ECR 2015 speakers will be given the opportunity to have their slides protected by an ECR watermark so as to avoid copyright infringements.

He also plans to launch a scientifically oriented pilot project, titled "Late-breaking Clinical Trials," which will be a platform for presenting the most recent prospective studies and results of multicenter trials on topics of the keenest interest.

Given the popularity of ECR and its high attendance, the president is also advocating the creation of dedicated quiet zones, where attendees can meet friends and colleagues to talk in a more peaceful and private environment.

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