DMS unveils 3D-DXA at ECR 2013

Bone densitometry developer Diagnostic Medical Systems (DMS) is debuting its 3D-DXA bone densitometry technology at ECR 2013 being held in Vienna.

3D-DXA allows a 3D model of the femur bone to be constructed from 2D images taken on a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) bone densitometer during routine femur exams. This 3D model provides bone status information such as bone geometry, cortical bone thickness, and bone mineral density, according to the company.

By giving specialists access to volumetric slices, the 3D model enables bone structure measurements as well as volumetric bone mineral density (BMD), DMS said. The company believes volumetric BMD will help specialists more precisely identify fragile bone areas, allowing possible anticipation of fracture risk and implementation of preventative measures.

3D-DXA was developed by DMS in collaboration with a European research laboratory. The technology is currently being clinically evaluated on the femur examinations of 120 patients. Volumetric BMD values and cortical thickness calculations observed with 3D-DXA are being compared with those calculated on CT, DMS said.

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