PerkinElmer to debut new x-ray detectors at ECR

PerkinElmer plans to highlight an expanded portfolio of amorphous silicon (a-Si) and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) flat-panel x-ray detectors at ECR 2013 in Vienna, the company announced.

The firm will showcase the following:

  • XRpad, a 14 x 17-inch a-Si wireless cassette detector for digital radiography (DR) that fits into a conventional table or wall-stand bucky just like a film-screen cassette
  • XRD 1712 CQ3 F, a 17 x 17-inch a-Si detector that supports fluoroscopy and radiography applications
  • Dexela 2321 CMOS detector, a 23 x 21-cm unit that features large-area CMOS image sensor technology
  • Dexela 1313 CMOS detector (13 x 13 cm) for breast biopsy and dental CT applications
  • Dexela 2923Mam GigE CMOS detector (29 x 23 cm) for mammography, tomosynthesis, and breast CT applications
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