ESR expects 20,000 delegates at ECR 2013

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) anticipates that around 20,000 participants from 100 countries will attend the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2013, its five-day annual meeting that begins in Vienna on 7 March.

ECR 2013 will feature three categorical courses: The "Never Without Arteries" course on common and frequent clinical vascular questions; the "Urogenital Imaging" course; and the "Oncologic Imaging: Follow-Up of Systemic and Local Therapies" course, which will present radiological findings and areas of research in this field.

Mini courses on the "Beauty of Basic Knowledge" will address head and neck radiology, as well as musculoskeletal imaging. New refresher courses and three State-of-the-Art Symposia on diffusion-weighted imaging of the abdomen, evaluation of response in hematological malignancy, and imaging of impingement syndromes also will take place.

In order to promote a multidisciplinary approach to cancer detection and treatment, the organizers of ECR 2013 will include three multidisciplinary sessions on managing patients with cancer, inviting radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists to share their expertise. To extend access to the congress, ECR Live will have more than 1,400 lectures broadcast through live Web streams, which will be accessible via the ESR website free of charge.

For further details on the meeting, click here.

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