ESR issues statement on imaging's role in COVID-19

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The European Society of Radiology (ESR) marked World Health Day 2020 with a statement aimed at reminding European Union (EU) politicians of the contributions of medical imaging to the fight against COVID-19.

In its statement, the ESR calls for healthcare systems to implement multidisciplinary and integrated solutions to offer the right diagnostic and treatment options to patients. It also highlights the important part played by medical imaging in offering expertise to accurately diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients.

The society made six key points in its statement:

  • While DNA sampling is required to confirm diagnosis, medical imaging contributes to an accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 in the triage phase as well as for patients with severe respiratory symptoms or co-morbidities.
  • Healthcare professionals should have sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and their working procedures must be adapted to the COVID-19 crisis to safeguard the continuity of care.
  • Governments should swiftly adopt measures to maintain access to high-quality essential care for coronavirus and noncoronavirus patients.
  • While imaging and other medical technologies should be delivered to areas and hospitals that face shortages, the free circulation of medical goods should be upheld to ensure the continued delivery of care.
  • Medical societies' essential contribution to education, clinical practice, and research should be acknowledged and translated into support measures to sustain the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.
  • The EU should immediately address pressing health needs and mobilize resources to enhance the resilience of healthcare systems at risk of facing similar crises in the future.

The ESR requests that EU institutions and member states act in a spirit of collaboration to jointly overcome the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19.

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