European Radiology Experimental journal reaches milestone

The European Society of Radiology's basic science journal, European Radiology Experimental, has published its first 100 articles since its launch in 2017, according to a 26 July editorial by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Francesco Sardanelli.

The top five articles by subspecialty/body part were in the areas of abdomen/pelvis (16), neuro/head-neck/spine (16), interventional (14), cardiovascular (12), and musculoskeletal (11), Sardanelli reported. MRI and CT were by far the most popular imaging techniques, used in 46 and 33 of the articles, respectively.

On a geographic basis, corresponding authors from Italy contributed the most articles -- 22 -- followed by Germany (14), Switzerland (12), the Netherlands (11), and France (eight). Overall, articles from corresponding authors in Europe made up 85% of the articles published so far in the journal.

Looking ahead, Sardanelli wrote that the journal is now working on adding thematic series, which will include original articles and reviews dedicated to hot topics in radiological research. The first topic, which will be launched soon, will focus on myocardial tissue characterization in ischemic heart disease. Other thematic series are also being prepared.

Furthermore, the journal seeks to achieve higher diversity in its editorial board and in the worldwide geographic distribution of corresponding authors for article submission. It also will emphasize gender diversity, as currently only five of the editorial board's 44 members are women, he noted.

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