France renews breast cancer awareness drive

France's national union of independent radiologists (Fédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues, FNMR) has announced it will continue its breast cancer awareness campaign this month, culminating in a series of radio adverts aiming to encourage women over the age of 50 to get screened for the disease.

Promoting Pink October, France's national breast cancer awareness month, the campaign launched in 2017 with screening adverts on BFM TV and continues this month with promotional screening messages to be broadcast on the radio station RTL between 8 and 14 October.

According to a statement by FNMR, the radio campaign on France's number one radio station will reach a maximum number of female listeners, and will be bolstered by a poster campaign in radiology centers. The goal is to promote screening among as many women as possible, and contribute to the national fight against breast cancer, the FNMR noted, adding that like last year, the union was funding this publicity campaign.

"Screening is an essential tool, as nine times out of 10, breast cancer can be cured if it is caught in time," the FNMR stated. "Pink October is the ideal moment to promote and prioritize screening that takes place all year round and is free for patients."

FNMR President Dr. Jean-Philippe Masson recorded the message that will be broadcast several times every day of the week on RTL.

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