SFR pushes ahead with training scheme for thyroid imaging

The French Society of Radiology (SFR) is offering a comprehensive training program for thyroid imaging.

Thyroid gland pathologies, especially nodules, are extremely frequent. In this course, participates will learn the following:

  • How to predict the risk of malignancy of a thyroid nodule and relate it to anatomopathological features
  • How to determine if a needle aspiration is necessary
  • How to describe the technique of cytopuncture and microbiopsia and also understand the cytological findings
  • How to diagnose goiters, thyroiditis, and rare diffuse pathologies
  • The ultrasound elements of the pre- and postoperative assessment of cancers
  • The basics of percutaneous alcoholization and radiofrequency of benign nodules

The scheme will be held from 29 January to 26 February. For more information, visit the SFR's website.

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