ESR spotlights radiologists in value-based healthcare

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has published a concept paper containing details about value-based radiology and its role in healthcare.

The current value-based healthcare (VBH) framework emphasizes "outcomes" as the basis on which patient safety, quality of care, and reimbursements are made. This new paper takes the stance that accurate diagnosis of disease should be considered the first outcome of that healthcare chain.

A fundamental flaw in the current understanding of VBH is that the diagnosis is taken for granted, according to ESR First Vice President Dr. Lorenzo Derchi, a professor of radiology from Genoa, Italy.

"Radiologists' work is key to the diagnostic process of modern healthcare delivery and therefore the establishment of a correct diagnosis is the first outcome that must be considered in the healthcare process," he said.

To read the full paper in the October edition of Insights into Imaging, click here.

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