French private radiologists form new shareholder company

A consortium of 14 radiology groups in France has announced the creation of the General Medical Imaging Company (Compagnie Générale d'Imagerie Médicale, CGIM).

"France's first group of independent radiologists is thus united under a common legal structure that will defend their interests," CGIM representatives said in a statement released on 23 January.

This new organization aims to facilitate, promote, and support the professional performance of its members through the sharing of all useful resources necessary for clinical practice, according to the release.

CGIM will be in a position to acquire or rent systems and equipment, employ staff, perform services, and as an agent, negotiate on behalf of members any purchase, sales, or service contracts. In a more general manner, it may also carry out any financial, real estate, or other operations as required, noted the statement.

"In a context of hard economic and organizational constraints, the objectives will be achieved through clinical, medico-technical, and managerial skill-sharing, grouping together certain purchases, developing a common voice, and implementing lobbying actions," the authors said.

CGIM represents around 200 radiologists who use 37 CT machines and 32 MRI installations. These radiologists seek to maintain control of their imaging services and equipment, and believe that through CGIM, they can ensure the quality of their practice, and a value-added medical service, according to the statement. They also hope to be able to unite the greatest number of radiologists to maintain an independent medical shareholder base.

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