ESC adds to coronary congenital disease research

A new position paper from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) outlines a classification of coronary congenital diseases to help surgeons identify secondary defects in the operating room.

The paper, published 11 January in Cardiovascular Research, also offers new information on common points of origin of the coronary artery anomalies and the differences between coronary defects.

The ESC added that the classification system will help cardiologists know what to look for on cardiovascular images.

Surgeons may find it difficult to detect additional coronary congestive defects in an operating room, lead author Dr. JosĂ© MarĂ­a PĂ©rez-Pomares said in a statement. Thus, having an idea of the potential anomalies can be extremely helpful.

The new classification is also designed to help clinicians diagnose coronary artery anomalies and prevent future complications with the help of imaging.

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