Eucomed, EDMA plan new industry federation

The European medical technology industry association Eucomed and the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA) announced that they plan to join forces under the umbrella of a new European industry federation.

The Brussels-headquartered associations plan to address common issues of interest, and to provide their members with a more comprehensive view on the latest technological advances and value-based innovations. They intend to hire a joint chief executive to head this new federation, but will remain as separate legal entities.

EDMA represents more than 500 companies in Europe engaged in the research, development, manufacture, or distribution of in vitro diagnostic tests. Eucomed represents 22,500 designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of medical technology.

The European medical technology industry generates annual sales of 95 billion euros ($121 billion U.S.) and employs approximately 500,000 individuals, according to the association.

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