VIDI expands network in France

2017 07 11 10 22 25 390 French Flag 400

VIDI, France's largest private radiology group, announced that it has added a further 16 centers to its portfolio during 2019. The group's network now totals 41 centers, 700 radiologists, and 3,500 employees across France, conducting imaging exams on 5 million patients annually.

In terms of equipment, the network now has access to 95 MRI machines, 90 CT scanners, and 12 low-dose x-ray units (from EOS Imaging) across 230 imaging sites.

Since its creation in 2017 with an initial 14 centers, VIDI has added 27 new facilities to its membership. It is 100% owned by shareholders across its member centers, making it different from other networks, according to a statement by VIDI, which underlined the group's strategy of reciprocal expertise sharing between member centers, rather than competition.

Already present in 12 of mainland France's 13 regions, the group in the near future aims to improve regional imaging services further via teleradiology, according to the statement.

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