launches coverage of EuroSon 2019 in Spain

GRANADA, SPAIN (PRWEB) - Radiology portal is highlighting editorial coverage of this week's European Congress of Ultrasound (EuroSon) meeting in Granada, Spain. The coverage is being featured in the Ultrasound Community on

Ultrasound is one of the most dynamic technologies in medical imaging, employing sound waves to generate detailed images of the human body. From its origins in obstetrical and gynecological imaging, ultrasound has branched out into new clinical applications and organ systems, including the breast, heart, and musculoskeletal system.

What's more, new technologies such as miniaturization are beginning to radically reshape diagnostic medical sonography. Ultrasound scanners are now small enough to fit into the human hand and can be easily carried into remote locations, with images beamed back to centers of excellence for interpretation by radiologists -- giving people in developing nations the potential to have access to high-quality healthcare.

"Handheld ultrasound is just one of the many technologies that show the incredible impact of ultrasound on clinical care," said Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward. "This week's EuroSon meeting offers a showcase of cutting-edge research that will become the gold standard in medicine in the years to come." will be featuring articles on scientific presentations and video interviews with ultrasound experts from EuroSon, which runs 30 May to 1 June. The Ultrasound Community can be reached at

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