Report: No single vendor dominates global CT

The global CT equipment market was worth $3.3 billion in 2010, with no single vendor dominating all segments of the market, according a new report from market research firm InMedica.

While CT vendors have been in a "fierce race" to capitalize on multislice technology, the report found that increasing concerns over radiation exposure from CT examinations have prompted equipment designers and manufacturers to focus on dose reduction.

The study ranked Siemens Healthcare as first in the global CT equipment market last year as well as first in the 20- to 40-slice, and 64-slice segments. GE Healthcare was ranked second in the global CT equipment and the market leader in the 16-slice and less-than-16-slice CT segments.

Toshiba Medical Systems was ranked as fourth overall in the global CT market and as the market leader for systems with more than 64 slices.

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